Every business comes across inflection points when a key decision either puts the company on the right track or sets the company back affecting its financial health, growth and ultimately its customers.  Are you on the right track?  Are you using technology to your advantage?  Are you planning and managing your growth and incremental revenue?  How about managing the risks your company is facing?  The Afsar Group works side by side with you to offer advice at every stage of the way.   We are your Partners!

Operations Management

The art of delivering consistent products and services to customers starts with setting up and following an operational tempo on a day to day basis.  In today’s world, every corner of an organization operates in real-time setting up real performance expectations on all functions.  To effectively manage the business, performance and quality need to be actioned, measured and supported by training, tools, staffing, relationships and many more activities.  Having successfully managed some sophisticated technical and non-technical operations in both Commercial and Government space, the Afsar Group is well prepared to offer guidance and get involved to optimize your operations.

Government Contracting Services

Having managed hundreds of Federal contracts with DOD and other Civilian Agencies, the Afsar Group is well trained to take your company through Transitions, Recruiting, Incumbent Selections, addressing Letters of Concern, Get Well Plans, CPAR Planning and many more aspects of successfully managing a Government contract.  We also offer Contract Acquisition Services such as Proposal Reviews, Teaming Partner selections and Capture.

Program & Project Management

Program and Project management require added resources and strong leadership to methodically mage the process and deliver results.  With over 30 years of experience and having worked on hundreds of programs and projects, the Afsar group offers strong leadership and the right resources to setup and complete projects on time and on budget for your enterprise.  From Consolidation of business units, Transitions and Mergers to Product Development, CyberSecurity and setting up Call Centers we are your partners to get the job done.

Relationship Management

Every successful business has strong bonds with its customers.  Strained relationships with customers hurts every business especially the bottom line.  The Afsar Group reevaluates your customer relationships and works with your team to rebuild strong relationship with customers.  Business to Business, Business to Consumer and Business to Government is our specialty.

Special Projects

The Afsar Group has special project opportunities in technical and non-technical sectors.  Contact us to find out more.